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Almost 100% of our clients come from our other clients, meaning that our clients do not hesitate to share their positive experience with their friends, colleagues and business partners. If you are an owner or operator of an e-commerce site, or thinking about developing one, we can provide a variety of consulting and/or development services.

Formal Evaluation & Analysis - Analyze your e-commerce business based on revenue, cash-flow, expenses, website traffic, search engine optimization, growth inhibitors, and more. This analysis is particularly useful and can provide an estimated range to buy or sell your e-commerce business. Alternatively this analysis can be used to determine next best steps for your e-commerce business, including how to increase your transaction rate to expanding potential services. Contact us to learn more.

Third-Party Proposal Review - Often determining the differences in proposals is difficult for clients not in the website development business. On behalf of clients we discuss your website goals and then provide evaluations of proposals that the client has received.

Service Provider Referrals - We consult, and if we're a good match for your needs, we'll help. Otherwise we'll provide some free advice and/or refer you to the appropriate firm.

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